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About Author

Carolyn S Tanner the author of Menacing Angels That Night is a dreamer who brings her vivid imagination to life through her writing. CS Tanner has always loved to write, but life kept getting in the way until now. The subject matter of her book was ahead of its time when she wrote it over thirty years ago, but now she feels it is the perfect time to share it with the world.
Author CS Tanner wrote Menacing Angels without doing the research first and was amazed to find that her dreams had accurately captured Indian rituals. The manuscript underwent multiple revisions over the years, and the author feels it is finally ready. Her writing has improved tremendously since her first book, Honeysuckle Love, was published in 1982 under her married name, Carolyn T. Armstrong.

Personal Life of Author CS Tanner

Apart from being a writer, the author has worked various careers and is now happily retired. She won first place in a writing contest with a national flower company for her piece on why mothers deserve Mother’s Day flowers. She lives in Texas with her chorky, Puck O’Brien, and her nephew’s dog, Diesel, who keep her company and in line. She considers her daughter, grandson, step-grandsons, and son-in-law the light of her life and feels blessed by the Lord.

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